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Genesis Counseling of the Rockies LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Littleton, CO

Genesis Counseling of the Rockies LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Genesis Counseling of the Rockies LLC , you may contact their Littleton offices via phone at 303-798-6464.

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Courtney Brewer

2019-10-25 04:59:37 via Google

Kerry is kind, caring and people love her group. Darrelle is fun, outgoing and very knowledgeable about Domestic Violence. The front desk manager is very helpful, friendly and returns calls promptly.

aida lieb

2019-10-25 23:16:08 via Google

I would highly reccomend Kerry & staff at Genesis Counseling to anyone in need of a safe, comfortable enviornment while going thru troubling times. My time here is a part of probation requirement but the people I've met & the tools I've acquired while here will carry me thru many many more years. I initially walked thru doors carrying shame & guilt for my decision to drive while intoxicated. I was met with acceptance, understanding, and more importantly a feeling of 1 bad decision doesn't make a person. It was exactly what I needed. Kerry has always been open minded, honest, & accessible. I Don't think there's anything that I could say that would lead to judgement or leave me feeling like I had a character flaw. She is, by far, what makes this place so awesome. While not super thrilled with what brought me here, I'm forever grateful for Kerry and those I've met here. If you've reached a point in life where you think you may need help, or maybe you're just not sure, do not hesitate to call.

Ian Sayre

2019-05-09 20:23:32 via Google

What a great family environment to take care of your business with. Jess, can help with what you need. Also, really wanted to commemorate the retirement of William Bartell, he is a truly great human being, who has changed many lives for the better including mine! Good luck and green pastures to you Bill, you deserve it!

Jim T

2017-06-15 20:22:15 via Google

Dave and his staff are the best in the business!

Jeremy Phillips

2019-04-17 02:24:05 via Google

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