Rose Transition Home LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Lafayette, CO

Rose Transition Home LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Rose Transition Home LLC , you may contact their Lafayette offices via phone at 888-398-4111.

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Angie Rasnake

2019-01-16 03:29:27 via Google

The Rose House is an answer to Prayers. I had a family member that entered the Rose House Program and it turned our world around. Addiction and Alcohol abuse can take your loved ones away. Often they do not return to us. The Rose House's program is designed to to provide the necessary treatment to your loved one to get them back on track and to help them recover from their addictions. The staff is very professional and very accessible. Their step down program allows them to continue their path to recovery. If you are looking for an answer to Prayers call the Rose house, They answered mine!

Kelley Germann

2019-01-26 03:23:41 via Google

I had a family memeber who benefited so much from her time here! She was able to make lasting connections with people who have continued to help her with her sobriety to this day. I personally thought that this was a very important part of her continued recovery.

Shauna Gamoran

2019-01-15 19:26:35 via Google

I have been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction for 16 years. And although I have always been aware that addiction is a disease that so many people suffer from, there was still a part of me that felt like my story was unique or different than in some way. I felt like there was no way that the world could ever help me because how could they ever truly understand what I had gone through in my life? When deciding to come to the Rose House, this was no exception, because I needed them to understand what I believed I "needed" in order to heal or recover. I had attended many other treatment centers in the past, but never one that addressed my underlying issues relating to my trauma and grief. In arriving at the Rose House, it was clear from the beginning that their approach was different. What I immediately loved about them was that it was clear that they did not focus on the problem, but rather the solution to the problem. That isn't to say that they didn't validate my journey or life experiences, but they truly helped me take action around changing these things. The Rose House slowly taught me that I did not have to continue to carry around the shame and fear I was feeling for such a long time. They taught me that in order to begin the healing process, that I had to take some risks first. And for me, the first risk was letting go of the toxic things I was using in my life to numb the pain. They supported me on the days that I was angry, sad or afraid, and with no strings attached, they just simply helped me to keep going. The staff at the Rose House is some of the most exceptional in my opinion, and that's truly because they care. Their investment was not in my family's money or how they could treat my disease "better" than other places could, but rather in providing me with the tools and skills I needed in order to live my life again. There is not only one approach that the Rose House takes with clients that come in, so if you are anything like me, and believe that you have exhausted other options, I am here to tell you that the Rose House works with you to find what WILL work. It is an individualized program that strongly focuses on what the client needs in order to succeed. I got the opportunity to truly change at the Rose House, and the best part is that they are still in my life reminding me that I am worthy. The Rose House is a place that I would recommend to anyone that is struggling with substance abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, etc. All I had to do was show up, and they helped with the rest. I needed to be reminded that there is HOPE, and that I did not have to continue to live the destructive life I was living. I am so grateful for the Rose House, and could not imagine my life without them in it now. If you're struggling, please know that a place like Rose House exists and that there is help out there when you're ready to accept it (or even if you're not ready).

Kristin Ann

2019-03-17 11:22:58 via Google

My name is Kristin and I am a graduate of the Rose House. I have actually gone here twice. The first time I did not take the program seriously at all, and was not at all willing to do the Step Down program after completing the inpatient program. My second time at the Rose House was different. I was looking at a very long prison sentence if I could not comply with my probation. My mom got ahold of the Rose House while I was in jail. I was accepted into the program immediately and was released from jail a few days later. I went straight from jail to the Rose House. I chose to come back to the Rose House because it was a place I was already comfortable at, and I knew they would advocate for me during my court cases. On my way up to the Rose House, I told myself I was going to put in my best effort and do the work. I had finally hit my rock bottom and there was no where to go up from there. I was fortunate enough to have the same therapist as I did the first time. Larry is probably the only therapist I have every felt comfortable talking to. And he is also the only therapist to get me to cry by bringing up difficult and sensitive things that I needed to talk about. I always put up a wall to protect myself and Larry could see right through them. Most of the day is spent doing group therapy sessions that are on specific topics. We learn different coping skills, we talk about spiritually, nutrition and wellness, equine therapy, and we often participate in art therapy. The Rose House understands that every client is different, and not everything we do in the program will work for everyone. They individualize the projects and writing assignments to the specific client when necessary, and this really helps show that the staff cares. The genuinely want every woman to succeed. The Rose House teaches us how to incorporate the twelve step program into our lives. We are taken to different AA or NA meetings every night. We are required to get a sponsor and meet with them once a week. After about 60 days spent in inpatient, we are allowed to get out phones back. This was exciting for me, but I was also nervous at the same time. I know I was going to have messages from people that are toxic for me. Getting my phone back and being allowed to only use it for a couple hours everyday helped me work through these triggers in a safe environment. This time at the Rose House I decided to participate in the Step Down program. Step Down is a sober living house very close the the inpatient house. The only thing I did not enjoy about the Step Down program is that the therapist you were working with for the entire inpatient program, is no longer your therapist. I didn't want to tell my story again and basically start all over. At Step Down, I still felt very connection to the main house. Every week, the girls at step down are required to go to two group therapy classes each week, have one individual therapy session and attend the Sunday night speaker meeting at the house. Getting a job was my greatest accomplishment while I was at Step Down. I have had very few "real" jobs in my life, and I didn't even know how to begin finding a job. The staff at the house was very helpful. I got help making a resume, and suggestions as to where I could work with my criminal record. I quickly found a job and my life seemed to be on the right path. I recently completed the Step Down program. I returned home to Colorado Springs, and am very confident that I will find a job soon. Moving is always a hard adjustment for me, but the skills I learned at the Rose House will get me through it. I recommend the Rose House for any woman struggling with addiction. The ages of the woman are across the board. I have been there with women who are 18, and there were woman there in the same time in their 70s. This is a program that can help anyone if you truly want to get help. Becoming clean and sober is a task no one can do on their own. Thank you Rose House, you have truly changed my life for the better and I am beyond grateful for that .

manooch p

2019-02-26 21:13:20 via Google

Great program with bunch of caring and knowledgeable staff who literally save lives. Highly recommend this to any women regardless of her age.

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