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Denver Springs offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Englewood, CO

Denver Springs is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Denver Springs , you may contact their Englewood offices via phone at 720-643-4300.

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Greg Bardon

2019-11-06 19:32:40 via Google

Many good reviews of this place and of course there are some negative. I spoken to the staff several times and listened to my concerns. We are pray full that our son will receive and most importantly understand how they are trying their absolute best to help him. Thank You to all the staff This is no easy task and no quick answers, it is for LIFE CHANGING BEHAVIOR . God Bless All

Kaylene Pinner

2019-09-29 17:28:58 via Google

I was actually hospitalized in this facility for about a week, and it was such a great experience. Very nice and thoughtful staff, that helped me with my recovery. Would 10/10 recommend ☺️

Jessica Jo Blinkinsop

2019-10-01 04:40:07 via Google

Located in Centennial's Industrial Business Park, this hospital is the only one of its kind in the region; offering emergency services as well as out-patient, or daily in-patient(non-emergency) services. Operated by knowledgeable and understanding staff, upon entering you will be greeted immediately and accessed for treatment. Being a new facility, the level of cleanliness when I experienced it in 2018 was up to par. The Director of Outpatient services would play his guitar occasionally to allow for a comfortable ending to group patient sessions, what a gem.

Debbie Luedt

2019-08-27 16:21:52 via Google

Denver Springs is a great facility for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.They help you with all needs including transportation The staff helps so much so as a patient we can work on our recovery.All we need to worry about is our care so we can concentrate on our recovery. Transportation is a great asset as well we don't worry how we will get to therapy. Edie is so caring and great listener.Shelly is great as well .Both are great asset to Denver Springs.

Emily M.

2021-01-22 06:29:40 via Yelp

My son had a wonderful experience at Denver Springs. He had personalized team that truly cared for him as a person and for his recovery. He has been through...

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