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HEART Counseling Center LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Denver, CO

HEART Counseling Center LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at HEART Counseling Center LLC , you may contact their Denver offices via phone at 720-379-6995.

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Lisa Rusp

2018-05-11 02:15:49 via Google

I really love this place. The owner is awesome and very accommodating. I have been to some therapy classes before but have not gained what I have gained here at HEART. Love their therapy pup too!!! Just wish the DUI groups were not so long. But I guess it's not their fault.

will banks

2018-05-11 02:07:49 via Google

Staff is super warm and friendly. Groups are never boring. Staff seems really educated about the topics. They have been a huge support in my life. I would highly recommend them.

April Ferguson

2018-04-11 21:35:21 via Google

The staff here changed my life! I've been having a really rough couple of years and had no hope. Then I met Nicole. I've been to LOTS of therapy and classes, but they were all worthless. Nicole and her staff have real life experiences and are highly educated. I couldn't say enough about how powerful this place is! I will be forever grateful and a client for life!! Nicole got my life back on track and healed my soul....

chelesa Smith

2018-05-11 02:21:56 via Google

I am really pleased with my experience here. The staff is awesome! The atmosphere is warm, friendly, and they have theme group rooms!! So Cool!

Steve Runier

2018-05-11 02:26:07 via Google

I am very happy with my time here. Really nice people!

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