Raleigh House offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Denver, CO

Raleigh House is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Raleigh House , you may contact their Denver offices via phone at 720-484-4996.

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Kevin Carroll

2019-05-29 20:10:48 via Google

As a professional in the addiction field I had the pleasure of visiting the Raleigh House of Hope and meeting with clinical staff/support staff as well as listening in to some groups. The amount of passion and dedication the staff have for their clients is beyond the 5 stars I could possibly give. The love, care and compassion for each individual client is heart warming and I would absolutely send a family member to this facility. I highly recommend Raleigh House to anyone looking for themselves or a loved one. Thank you Raleigh House for your hospitality!

Travis Palmer

2019-05-21 01:24:21 via Google

I had a great experience at The Raleigh House!! The staff was always very professional and helpful. We dug deep into underlying issues I had that caused me to use. The program is dual diagnosis, helping me learn to not only deal with my drug use but depression, and resentment towards family. They have a great nutritionist that taught me about diet being critical in recovery. The Raleigh house focused on helping me heal the mind, body, and soul. It is not a Twelve step based program, but they did expose me and encourage me to do the steps. I am now eight months clean and owe it to everything I have learned in the program.

kristie dorsett

2019-06-26 02:12:15 via Google

RH saved my life. I thought I was going to die a junkie drunk and had resigned to that thought. My sister found this program in a last stitch effort to help me. At RH I not only found a tribe of people (staff and clients) who accepted me for who I was, I learned to accept me for who I was. From the day I set foot into RH I have not taken a drink or a drug. That was 7 years ago. This place is amazing and I am grateful for Raleigh House and Eric Lapp. Thank you for helping me begin a life worth living.

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