Empowerment Program offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Denver, CO

Empowerment Program is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Empowerment Program , you may contact their Denver offices via phone at 303-320-1989 x211.

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Jazmyn Gray

2019-08-28 13:24:30 via Google

Absolutely astounding how the staff work together to help ensure their clients success! Beautiful women, inside & out. They work really hard to find and help you utilize resources that are out there.

Candice Mclane

2019-10-16 06:56:47 via Google

This place has helped me in many ways with many things it would be nice if they had a mens empowerment program its such a great place to heal learn & grow

Elana Yang

2019-07-31 08:26:30 via Google

I used to live on 17th Street with my ex I would go to the Empowerment Program to get some help. My case worker was Joycee Kennedy. She was an awesome person who at that time during 2004 was in charge of the women group in the afternoon for women domestic violence abuse. It was a pleasure for her to work on my case to help me to get through my situation with my ex. I love all the women in the group. They were so nice and so caring. Each of their stories were sad, but I know I wasn’t alone and I enjoy to hear what they have to say about their situation. I’m no longer live in Denver, Colorado. I always come back to visit. When I do I will stop by to hug each of these ladies because they had helped my family so much in the past. Thank you! I am doing well. I haven’t give up on my kids. Still fighting against my abuser and my kids? Got a degree in Criminal Law currently working four jobs to support my family. I encourage new members and old members not to give up. There is always a way in your life to get though this darkness. Be smart and be wise. Life is too short to cry.

Tracy Ann Spencer

2019-03-27 22:22:02 via Google

I love the word... EMPOWERMENT!!! To be Empowered... Learning new skills, having a huge tool box full of tools and I'm still collecting... Thank you for all that you all do 🌷

Kimmie Smith

2019-10-29 12:31:36 via Google

The people are friendly and supportive.

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