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Peak View Behavioral Health offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Colorado Springs, CO

Peak View Behavioral Health is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Peak View Behavioral Health , you may contact their Colorado Springs offices via phone at 719-444-8484.

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Irene Reveles

2019-09-07 23:08:50 via Google

There are very few professionals working there that are wonderful. Many other therapists and staff need retraining or need to seek other places of employment where they are better suited. This review comes from a family member.

Jeanie Ayala

2019-07-02 02:09:01 via Google

This place has the BEST Geriatric Level of Care for Psychiatric patients in the entire city of Colorado Springs!!! My Mom is a senior and had difficulties with her mental health symptoms and required medicine adjusting. This facility got her stabilized quickly and kept great communication with me throughout her nearly 3 week stay. I visited almost daily and saw all the staff in action who lovingly, respectfully, and kindly treated even the most difficult patients that were there. Hats off to those who choose this profession as mental health patients are NOT the easiest to deal with. The staff in Unit 200 were top notch!!! Linda, Bob, Dr. Underwood, Amy, Barbara were so kind and answered my many questions!) Don't hesitate to take your loved one here for fabulous care in the Geriatric Unit!

Manish S.

2017-10-11 10:33:14 via Yelp

My 17 year old daughter was recently hospitalized here on a 72 hour hold for acute suicidality, depression and anxiety. Her total stay was under one week...

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