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Serenity Peaks Recovery Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Colorado Springs, CO

Serenity Peaks Recovery Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Serenity Peaks Recovery Center , you may contact their Colorado Springs offices via phone at 719-528-3500 x100.

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Daniel Simon

2019-04-08 23:40:23 via Google

I'm an alumni client of triple peaks recovery center. Triple peaks has been a wonderful experience for me. It has helped me learn how to get and stay sober, including sponsorship, fellowship, the 12 steps and AA.

Teri Haley

2018-08-21 00:10:25 via Google

Thanks to this program I got my sister back. I couldn't be more thankful to ALL of the staff, but especially Tami, for helping her to see that drugs were not the answer to her problems. I haven't seen my sister this happy and serene since childhood. I highly recommend this program for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. They put my sister's care first and placed a HUGE emphasis on encouraging and helping our family's healing process.

Alexander Ottmer

2019-01-09 21:03:44 via Google

I am an alumni of Peaks. They have an amazing staff and a great program. They have given me a whole new life

Donald Miller

2019-01-09 21:08:06 via Google

I work here currently and have been for a year and half and it has been the best job so far in the recovery field. The staff are amazing here and make you feel like it’s your other family.

Matt Deturris

2019-01-13 04:30:49 via Google

Chill place to go and get an introduction to living a sober life. Some of the staff have been the most caring people I know and have repeatedly gone above and beyond to help out the people who want it.

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