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A and D Counseling LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Aurora, CO

A and D Counseling LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at A and D Counseling LLC , you may contact their Aurora offices via phone at 303-353-9796.

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Danielle Lewis

2019-10-28 09:11:02 via Google

I would highly recommend A & D Counseling! There are so many companies on the list I that is initially given to you from your probation officer it can be like the DUI process, a little overwhelming. I was lucky enough to have called them as my PO had a past client who had a good experience with them. Right from the beginning the secretary was warm and really helpful with pricing and what days they had ran education classes and got things rolling. Why Dee and Adam specifically? Because they simply are great people who take the time to make class educational, but more importantly they treat every single person in here with respect. They council in a way that makes the 2 hr classes and fees seem not as bad and that you are going to get something out of it. I have seen plenty of people like my self which is their first time ever having a DUI and are scared and overwhelmed to people who have found themselves still learning and are on their 2/3 DUI. No matter the client what I have had the privilege of being able to see, is they don’t force anyone’s story they have created a place that’s comfortable to talk about life and what may have lead up to this and ways to avoid it from every happening again. Lastly I was going through a lot of unusual family situations last week and this is what lead me to this review, Adam took the time and sat with me and listened to what was going on, and gave me guidance that was not cookie cutter or a bunch of bs, he made me believe again that getting grounded with yourself is so important before you can do anything else for anyone else. They have 2 locations and can say nothing but nice things about Dee and way she runs her classes also! If you are in education or whatever track you land on these guys are great and would put them against any of the other companies in Denver that are doing similar services.

Joel Goodson

2019-11-10 21:04:16 via Google

Adams approach and genuine desire to help are a breath of fresh air in the probation process. the classes are cheap and the knowledge is helpful if you are open to bettering your life.

nathan schilt

2019-08-05 00:03:53 via Google

Completed all of my treatment here, these are good people who genuinely want to help!

Andre Conner

2019-09-28 17:04:40 via Google

This is the best class, friendly and cheap, very understanding.

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