Rebound Colorado LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Arvada, CO

Rebound Colorado LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Rebound Colorado LLC , you may contact their Arvada offices via phone at 720-361-2916.

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John Petrick

2020-03-05 22:53:40 via Google

I feel five*stars is too many. Five stars means everything‘s perfect QA quality of the product etc.

Brian Kirkpatrick

2018-05-09 19:14:28 via Google

Chris and his team do amazing work. After a ankle fusion I was struggling to walk. With their help they were able to design and create a brace that allows me to have almost 100% normal movement. They were also able to work with my insurance to help be get it at a price point I could afford. Thanks guys for offering your services to Denver and the Colorado area at large.


2019-05-08 15:07:58 via Google

Great place, positive, fast and friendly!

Alex Rakestraw

2016-10-22 23:43:15 via Google

Everytime I have seen Chris or his colleagues they have been extremely helpful in what I have needed. I have seen them for the past few years and have made me several pieces to fit my leg. I will be using them again for sure.

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