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At Thrive Treatment, we provide outpatient treatment that is accessible and well-structured for you or your loved one to safely make mistakes and learn new skills. Our staff, with over 30 years of combined clinical expertise, models respect and integrity, while offering everyday tools to make better choices to stay clean and sober through evidenced-based clinical approaches like DBT, CBT, Trauma-focused and Mindfulness modalities. And we uphold the nuts and bolts of life like accountability, values, life skills, boundaries, trust and responsibility to help your loved one learn to manage sobriety and the anxiety that comes along with living life sober. We help process and discard the self-defeating stories and behaviors that keep people stuck. And we build a community of people who are in it with your loved one for the long-haul. Thrive Treatment prides itself on keeping your loved one connected to their new community long after completion of treatment and are invested in helping them find purpose beyond sobriety.

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Cole Walsh

2019-05-14 18:58:13 via Google

Thrive Treatment was all it was made out to be and so much more! I attended Thrive Treatment beginning in the end of 2016 and carrying over into 2017 on a daily basis. Each and every day I was eager to attend Thrive, knowing I was at a safe place that would help transform my life and develop me into the man I always knew I could be. Thrive is filled with an incredibly caring and supportive staff, not too mention how intelligent and insightful they all are. Through the comprehensive group-therapy sessions, the one on one personalized sessions, and thorough after-care plan, I was able to discover who I was and how to become who I wanted to be; recognizing my strengths and becoming aware of my shortcomings. Furthermore, Thrive understands the importance of balanced growth. Of course, the introspection done in the therapy groups were vital, but I was also given the opportunity to take yoga classes, have barbecues, and play basketball at the park. I am filled with an overwhelming amount of gratitude towards Thrive and all of its staff for not only what they did for me, but what they helped me do for myself. I would highly recommend anyone looking for themselves, or for a loved one, to attend Thrive Treatment and experience the incredible transformation that takes place there. It was by far the best investment I could make — an investment in myself.

David Ford

2019-05-08 19:09:02 via Google

Went to Thrive in 2016 and I am an Almuni there. Really great program that helped save my life and establish great coping skills. They helped me understand what was going on internally and how I reacted to certain situation. The staff there is great and friendly. One of the best decisions I have made was to attend this programs and to change my life. I highly recommend this program and believe this is the first step for long term mental stability and coping skills.

Laura Botfeld

2019-04-18 04:19:44 via Google

I am grateful for the immediate attention I received from Matt at Thrive treatment center. He is sensitive and caring and he graciously spent time with me and my husband to help our family situation. In just a short amount of time he made a big difference and gave us hope. He definitely is passionate about helping people and gave us great perspective and advice.

Robert Wilson

2019-05-27 03:09:50 via Google

I’d recommend thrive treatment to any friend or family member suffering from addiction who is in need of quality care. Clayton and his staff have created an amazing therapeutic environment for those to recover while they are in their most vulnerable times. Thank you thrive team for the incredible support you provide this community!

Chris Howard

2018-12-28 18:40:56 via Google

Thrive has a solid community that nurtures long-term recovery and fosters growth for young men. I’ve had the opportunity to see many men grow and become solid, sustainable humans after leaving this program. If a male in your life is struggling with substance abuse and lacking community, I suggest looking into this program.

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