Joe Healy Detoxification Program offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in San Francisco, CA

Joe Healy Detoxification Program is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Joe Healy Detoxification Program , you may contact their San Francisco offices via phone at 415-503-3137.

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Transitional Services

Monique Casarez

2019-03-07 11:43:58 via Google

This is an amazing place that is helping people in so many ways. Please read about all the ways this organization has reached out to individuals in need and how the organization has grown! It is very exciting to see a movement of such positive impact in the lives of so many!


2018-09-27 15:11:53 via Google

One the best programs i have ever been to with one of the most amazing counselors I've ever had to work with. The program works well as long as the client does what is asked of them and remains appropriate during their stay at baker places. I never wanted to leave tbh it was like Olive Gardens slogan "when you're here you're family" and thats what it was like its like a close knit family and its difficult to leave after only 90 days there's group bonding where everyone gets to know each other and it gives individuals a chance to develop a relationship with their peers. Theres daily chores to help clients prepare for co/op (assisted independent living) a 2 year step down program designed to help people get back on their feet and gain some traction and stability in their lives. At the baker place i went to they were very caring and very tolerant to clients needs and mental health issues. Overall it was a very splendid experience in a very turbulent time for me. Needless to say I'm very grateful and highly inclined to recommend to my friends and family

Derral Robi

2019-03-21 11:51:50 via Google

If I had to describe it with one word ill Will have to say BLESSED !!!

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