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Harm Reduction Therapy Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in San Francisco, CA

Harm Reduction Therapy Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Harm Reduction Therapy Center , you may contact their San Francisco offices via phone at 415-863-4282 x2.

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Julia K

2019-07-26 18:58:44 via Google

The Harm Reduction Therapy Center (now the Center for Harm Reduction Therapy) is a great resource for psychological and therapy services for people who struggle with their relationship to substances, and/or mental health challenges, difficult family dynamics, low self-esteem, and the complex social stresses that can arise with involvement in drug use or other stigmatized behaviors. Individual therapy, psychotherapist-facilitated groups, and interpersonal therapy programs are all on offer at HRTC, and the pool of therapists who practice under the Center’s auspices is a group of incredibly compassionate, talented, and client-centered professionals, all of them trained in and honoring the principles of harm reduction, and with special expertise in this area. Founders Jeannie Little and Patt Denning are pioneers internationally in the development of the theory and practice of harm reduction psychotherapy, having published several books on the subject that have helped usher in a novel movement based in, and advancing, traditional psychotherapy. HRTC therapists’ client-supportive, asset-emphasizing approach incorporates into a traditional psychotherapy framework elements such as low-barrier access to treatment, a non-punitive environment, inclusivity, and non-judgment. Many people with problematic drug and alcohol issues respond favorably to these key components; particularly folks who have tried other intractive treatment approaches to be useless, and even harmful. Those clients who receive services at the Center for Harm Reduction Therapy and who have past experience with other substance-use recovery programs often describe negative experiences with the more typical, abstinence-only options. They may cite such programs as being undesirable, inaccessible, alienating, culturally mismatched, insulting of their intelligence, generally unsafe, etc. And the standard for professional practice in the field of psychology mandates exclusion of active-phase drug users. The critical thinking and cultural humility that harm reduction (as a school of thought) espouses are also indispensable elements of harm reduction psychotherapy, as they allow for better connections intellectually between therapist and client, and therapists can engage clients’ participation in establishing individualized markers of progress, and share in the project of building of visions, and of how success is defined. I highly recommended this agency and its practitioners.

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