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Ken Seeley Communities offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Palm Springs, CA

Ken Seeley Communities is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Ken Seeley Communities , you may contact their Palm Springs offices via phone at 877-800-6911.

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Catherine Rodriquez

2019-04-09 15:32:21 via Google

I came on board as a case manager in August of 2018. I now work with families as the family advocate and aftercare case manager. I am blessed to be part of a team that is caring and compassionate. Ken Seelys after care case management program is amazing "Let's Be Clear, It's a Year" offers clients and families ongoing assistants upon discharge, for up to a year or longer. After living with years of addiction in my family, I have come to a place in my life where i can share with families my journey from being a daughter, wife and mother of addicts; all who are fully committed in their sobriety. its amazing to see the transformation between the addict and the families as they start to heal, and know that I am part of that. Ken Seeley's has given me the opportunity of growing each day. From the first time walking through the doors, I felt so welcomed. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work. I truly enjoy the team I work with each day, we are a Ken Seeley family!

camila hayter

2019-04-06 20:46:42 via Google

It's an honor to be part of the Ken Seeley Communities team. All staff are friendly, and give their all to assist and help heal our clients from the painful effects of this devastating disease of addiction. We work hard to not only offer support and education to or clients but also for the families helping them to heal and unity the family system. I highly recommend Ken Seeley Communities as the place for you or a loved one to go for Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment.

Sherry Balsamo

2019-04-30 18:59:00 via Google

i wish i could give this rehab 100 stars! Me and my husband somehow with the grace of god ended up at Ken Seleey communities. i cant even explain how much they helped us and have changed our lives! when we walked through those door we had nothing besides a horrible addiction and a baby on the way. this rehab is truly amazing! the houses are so homey and clean! the staff are wonderful people! the family advocate is there for the clients 24/7 and actually mends the familys together! the counselors help you with anything you need, the owner ken, actually runs groups himself. they all go beyond and above to help people. we stayed for 8 months and our lives have changed tremendously and it wouldn't be without ken seeley rehab. we now have a beautiful baby and an apartment, my relationship has been stronger than ever and i have my family back. and i still have great relationships with the people at the rehab! i 1000% recommend anyone who is serious about their recovery to go to ken seeley rehab!

Zack Schmidt

2017-07-25 22:33:11 via Google

The community is great overall. My expienece has been wonderful. I get along with my case manager and all the staff very well which makes my experience even better. I've never had a problem with my house managers or case manager one time. Plus the community aspect of feeling like a family more than I ever thought possible. Everyone helps me through my recovery on a daily basis even if it's just in a small way. I would definitely recommend this place.

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