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Paradigm Malibu offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Malibu, CA

Paradigm Malibu is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Paradigm Malibu , you may contact their Malibu offices via phone at 310-457-6300.

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Karen Jaenike

2019-04-06 01:15:25 via Google

Outstanding staff... nurturing, invested, dedicated, professional and very knowledgeable. Their approach was comprehensive and multi-dimensional, and I didn't find another treatment program with anything approaching Paradigm Malibu's daily therapeutic quota (after an exhaustive search). The intensive family therapy provided by the facility was an absolutely critical component of our child's (and our family's) healing. Each client is assigned a team comprised of therapists (family and individual), nurses, a psychiatrist, a nutritionist, a trainer, etc. It's a safe and contained environment in which clients have the opportunity to attain tremendous growth, maturation and healing. Seems as though most of their clients are focusing primarily on mental and emotional health issues, not substance abuse, which suited our needs. Highly recommended.

Dani G

2019-04-09 20:07:55 via Google

Our son went from being an awesome easy going kid and top student to completely falling apart within a few months. We were not making any progress from the services in our city. We checked him into Paradigm and his life has forever been changed. The very first day there he had a diagnosis that we could now address. I cannot say enough about the staff. They are incredibly qualified and caring. Simply put - they change lives. He was finally getting the proper treatment. Being around other kids also struggling helped him feel less alone. We are forever grateful for everything Paradigm did for our son and our family. If you are watching your child struggle this is the place they will get better.

Jamie Lamott

2019-03-06 23:59:29 via Google

My daughter's stay at Paradigm was life-changing for her. She felt safe enough during her stay that she was able to work on some deep emotional issues which had been haunting her for years. All staff who we had contact with are top-notch. I highly recommend this facility.

Katrine Louise Reyes

2018-10-22 06:40:40 via Google

This place literally saved my life. The staff is incredibly dedicated and loving. They were extremely supportive and welcoming of me. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.

Rebecca Milsap

2018-11-29 15:36:56 via Google

This program provided my daughter an unbelievable 60 days in her recovery. I appreciate the talent and commitment of the staff and most importantly I am so thankful for the results. It has really saved her life.

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