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The Hills Treatment Center offers a fantastic educational and therapeutic drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience in Los Angeles, CA., which also includes services for co-existing disorders, dual diagnosis, and mental health issues. The Hills understands the need for support and one-on-one care. They provide privacy in an opulent, gorgeous environment. Located on a secluded gated private road, The Hills maintains three separate well-appointed houses, each fully staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And their MEDICAL DETOXIFICATION is unsurpassed; their doctors provide expert care in making sure your detox is safe and comfortable, and the staff is ready to help and support you through the arduous process of getting clean and sober. In addition to the flora and fauna of the surrounding environs which enrich the treatment experience, all meals are prepared by our in-house chef, ensuring that the recovering client’s psychological, spiritual and nutritional needs are spectacularly met. The Hills also offers a unique, exclusive extended care program to ensure that you never go home feeling alone and unsupported; they remain by your side every step of the way until every recovery goal you’ve made is met. And even when temptation lurks around every corner, SOBER COMPANIONS help their clients develop the ego strength to stay sober in situations that might prove daunting without support. The Hills also offers several modalities of OUTPATIENT CARE, each tailored to your specific lifestyle needs, from Intensive Outpatient Treatment to simple once-a-day or once-a-week Outpatient check-ins. For clients who may not be ready to live at home just yet, especially after a term of Residential Treatment, The Hills’ SOBER LIVINGS provide a safe, structured environment that makes adjusting to your new lifestyle easy and affordable while providing the support you need to handle day-to-day stressors and challenges.

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Kay Rei

2019-04-25 23:43:06 via Google

Writing this review because this facility deserves a 5 star review from an actual person. Not sure what's going on below, but I don't want it to affect anyone's decision about whether to come seek treatment at The Hills. I am posting this review from my spam email account (so it will show I only have one review) to protect my anonymity. I was a patient at The Hills twice from 2018-2019. I completed one 30-day and one 60 day rehab program for Alcohol Addiction. I have been in 3 other treatment centers since I have been trying to get sober and I feel I got far & above the best care, counseling, medical care, and addiction education from The Hills. The staff is amazing- from the owner; Howard, to the therapists, techs, management team, and down to the cooks and group facilitators. The people working here are top notch. The Hills brings in outside facilitators to run their weekly groups- all of them are specialists in their field be it 12 step recovery, meditation, family & relationships, or nutrition. The grounds are beautiful and comfortable. The food is amazing (seriously... you will put on a couple of pounds here guaranteed. And for most of us.. that's not a bad idea after what we've put our bodies through!) One of the big reasons I chose The Hills again after a relapse was being local to LA, I was far enough from my life to focus on my recovery, but close enough to build a network of people- medical professionals, Sponsor, AA contacts, that I could keep after I left treatment. This made the transition back to "normal" life much more seamless. The staff helped me with everything they could to set me up for success such as filing for disability, working with my insurance to help me stay as long as possible, sending a staff member to check my home to make sure I didn't have any alcohol still in the house when I returned, were flexible if I had a "special" meeting I wanted to attend or meeting my sponsor. I can't say enough good things about the people & program here. The only thing worse than going through the hell of drug or alcohol abuse, is staying that way. There is help. You deserve to be happy joyous & free.

Smartcool Orlando

2019-02-23 19:51:29 via Google

If you wish the inimitable Rehab Center all-around, you ought to employ The Hills Treatment Center.Use the hills treatment center these people are the extremely best.

DJ LederFloW

2019-02-23 20:08:45 via Google

All 5 stars for The Hills Rehab Center. For Liquor and Drug Rehab they are the inimitable.


2019-02-23 19:43:16 via Google

All 5 stars for The Hills Rehab Center. For Liquor and Substance Therapy they are the choicest.

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