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Revive Detox Center of Los Angeles offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Los Angeles, CA

Revive Detox Center of Los Angeles is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Revive Detox Center of Los Angeles , you may contact their Los Angeles offices via phone at 844-467-3848.

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Bishop Watts

2019-02-16 00:00:17 via Google

One of the coldest places I've ever been to in my life, literally. Nasty food but the staff makes up for this. Doc and nurses keep you comfortable. A good first skip in the pond on the way to lasting recovery. I had to go twice but haven't used dope since my last stay. Highly recommend for a pampered dope fiend like myself.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center .

2016-12-16 20:17:07 via Google

We work with 3 medical detox centers throughout Southern California, and of which Revive Detox Center consistently rises above the rest, for a number of reasons! Dr. Ronaye Calvert-Conley is probably one of the most well-respected addiction treatment professionals throughout the Los Angeles, CA area, and any drug/alcohol treatment or detox facility under her watch is almost certain to be a top-tier institution - thanks for all you guys do!

Chris Cohn

2016-02-01 04:06:40 via Google

Over the past several months we have had a number of patients come to our residential treatment center after having gone through medical detox at Revive in Los Angeles. What we've noticed is something interesting, and that is that each time we get a client from Revive they seem to be much more stable, present and receptive. This is something we haven't seen from other detox facilities, or at least not on a consistent basis as is the case here. When we speak with each client as to their experience here, it is overwhelmingly positive across the board. We are extremely impressed with Revive and always look forward to receiving their discharged and detoxed clients!

Manny Garcia

2017-04-18 22:32:04 via Google

This place is awesome! Hands down one of the best medical staffs I've been lucky enough to to come into contact with. They have 24 hour EMT supervision which is not really common if you're familiar with places such as this. Too bad other places don't have the great customer first mentality like Revive.

Steve Sohanaki

2017-04-17 23:25:08 via Google

There are so many detox centers these days that it can be hard to find one that's legit. Revive Detox is without a doubt one of the best in LA. Their medical staff is second to none, they have 24-hour EMT supervision, their interior setting is phenomenal, and they even a personal chef. There's no other detox center like it.

Maude M.

2021-05-26 11:55:05 via Yelp

Revive Detox is truly one of the best in the industry! From the staff to the house itself, the place is very welcoming and tailors the detox program to each...

Julie B.

2020-02-27 20:39:24 via Yelp

I spent nine days at revive detox center. It was a very welcoming and comfortable experience. All of the staff we're great. They genuinely care! Just as...

Taka R.

2019-03-26 13:42:58 via Yelp

Revive Detox is one of the most exemplary treatment facilities in Southern California that goes above and beyond to maintain an ethical practice. They hold...

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