Bimini Social Model Recovery Systems offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Los Angeles, CA

Bimini Social Model Recovery Systems is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Bimini Social Model Recovery Systems, you may contact their Los Angeles offices via phone at 213-388-5423.

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Tiny Nena

2019-10-12 08:02:56 via Google

My brother is here and they're helping him. So I recommend this place to anyone that needs help. Because they wanna help in those that want help. So go for it. They'll lend you a hand .. Good luck . god bless

Annette Higuera

2019-09-23 22:08:05 via Google

The Bimini house is an awesome place to save your life at,,......... I had a wonderful experience there and I loved it the staff and counselors are awesome they give you hope and don't sugar coat nothing.....I recommend this place to anyone who really wants to recover from drugs.......💖💓💌♥️

Sina Akai

2019-08-05 23:37:46 via Google

I believe the Bimini staff are working with what they have and for the most part they're ok. It's everywhere in a "public" type business. Some staff are very sincere and some are not. In that case, I would like to mention Counselor, Valerie. I believe she's a Counselor. I met her when I started attending the Saturday and Sunday family groups since two weekends ago in support of my husband who is currently a resident there. I'm not an addict and through not understanding it, I've never liked being a big part of my husband's recovery until I started attending Valerie's family group classes. It has helped me a lot and with what I've learned so far, I can appropriately support my husband through his recovery. Valerie has a down-to-earth personality. She has great interaction with the residents and they respect her. The residents opens up about their struggles and she listens. My husband and I have shared so much during the class and that doesn't happen very much. She doesn't put herself above the residents and is honest of where she "has been". I'm at my breaking point with this and I've often shared this in class. I would love to work with Valerie in any way during my husband's recovery. I feel she will be able to help so much not only with my husband's recovery but with the loved ones who has affected by this and I can have my husband back. What steps do I need to take to request Valerie as our Counselor? Please take the time to acknowledge Counselor, Valerie. She's AWESOME!!

Gary Scarantino

2019-11-04 12:59:20 via Google

I'm going into Bimini Today.Although I messed up cause I got out of the hospital too soon I hope I can still become a resident it took me 2 Months of calling the SASH HOTLINE and other Rehabsto get this bed.In the name of Jesus I pray AMEN...

Steven Rynerson

2019-06-18 23:38:54 via Google

With the money they make, I know they have paint and plenty of volunteers.TI was a resident for a year and a volunteer worker there for another year. I thought I've seen everything, now Veterans are not able to go because of the crybabies that complained. Good program if want it to be. During the year I was there, I witnessed first hand, counselors stealing food,bus tokens, medication and not to mention the hypocrisy of the staff. Do as I say not as I do!!! Don't like the tags.

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