Lake Hughes Recovery offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Lake Hughes, CA

Lake Hughes Recovery is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Lake Hughes Recovery , you may contact their Lake Hughes offices via phone at 661-724-0001.

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StrayCat Zamora

2019-10-12 23:41:27 via Google

This placed saved my life, I often return to visit the facility, the staff are exceptional Miracles happen here. God bless LHR.

Adam Ramsey

2019-04-29 19:07:04 via Google

Lake Hughes recovery has saved my life in more ways than I can count I showed up puking up blood and was really sick the took care of me better than I could ever ask for the staff never gave up on me even when I gave up on my self I stayed for about 3 months and then left for 3 day and asked if I could come back and they welcomed me with open arms the have always treated me like family and now I have stay for another 6 months the owner is an amazing person and has helped me as much as he could I love lake Hughes recovery and the people I can never thank you enough for showing me how beautiful life is and who I can really be.

tim b

2019-01-04 22:10:29 via Google

Lake Hughes Recovery equipped me with all the tools & resources I needed to remain sober long after my stay. The facility itself was extremely serene with no shortage of amenities & activities. The staff is professional and truly care about your recovery. I highly recommend this facility.

Robb Ertt

2018-12-27 01:25:41 via Google

What can I say about Lake Hughes Recovery. From the initial phone call to the reassurances from staff, I could tell right away the right choice had been made. Thank you lake Hughes and staff for a comfortable and reassuring experience. You came highly recommended and I can see why. My brother is a new person and proudly immersed in his recovery. We struggled for so long and now the solution has been found, thank you so much for leading him on the right path.

Tiffany Warren

2019-01-03 22:44:24 via Google

Lakes Hughes Recovery is a serene location! The staff treats all residents like family, they give there all when it comes to the recovery of the residents. Great place to start the recovery process!

Will R.

2018-02-05 17:42:47 via Yelp

Lake Hughes Recovery was a Godsend to our family and my brother's rehabilitation. We had tried multiple options including other rehabs and this was our last...

Austin G.

2018-06-20 13:42:33 via Yelp

Lake Hughes Recovery saved my brothers life. It beautiful, serene and inviting. The staff couldn't be more passionate. They will never give up on you. We...

Robb E.

2018-12-26 17:34:27 via Yelp

I can't say enough about this place! Lake Hughes recovery I like a diamond in the rough. The phone call we made was so confident and reassuring I am glad we...

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