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Ranch Recovery Centers Inc Hacienda Valdez offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Desert Hot Springs, CA

Ranch Recovery Centers Inc Hacienda Valdez is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Ranch Recovery Centers Inc Hacienda Valdez, you may contact their Desert Hot Springs offices via phone at 760-329-2959.

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2019-07-12 19:58:47 via Google

Ranch is a great rehab and offers a wonderful family program. Saved my family. Highly recommended

Serenity Ludwick

2019-02-28 00:16:01 via Google

I did 60 days there and im telling you guys you need to pick this place. You will find good sober friends here that will become your FAMILY!!!!! forever your sister,brother,mom and grandma. The staff and councilors are always there for you to when ever you need them they will even becone your best friend there to. They wont be in your life when you back to the real world but the clients thats there with you will still be in your life when you get out to. They say rehab is a selfish program couse you suppost to be there to work on your self and yea thats true but me and the girls there didnt agree to that lol couse once you say that hello to someone there BAM!!!! You to are grown attached lol and we never thought about our selfs there we always had each other back and when you walk threw those gates and yes you will be so scared but you dont need to be couse thats the moment of a new life and u will have and gain a new family I PROMISE!!!!!! This place ia worth it u would Not want to leave. No one ever said these words. " i cant wait to leave this place"

the one and only kaka 22

2018-02-19 14:45:39 via Google

The best place to get healed.. I call it the Mericle place. My daughter was dying of drug abuse. She had lost hope after being in other rehabs. the last one she was sad, she had a horrible experience so she never wanted to go back,but somebody Till this day, I still don’t know who called me nor who went to the office and said that my daughter needed help! emergency help! My daughter was living in the streets at the time this person called who called me. I had to go look for my My daughter and tell her about this place, For some reason I had a good feeling about this place and sure now my daughter decided to go on her own this place is Americal she has been sober for nine months and doesn’t care to go back I highly recommend this place the staff are awesome!! God is guiding that place who believes in God will get healed I want to say thank you to Maggie! You were the one that saved my child.


2018-03-09 21:00:51 via Google


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