Haven at Pismo offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Arroyo Grande, CA

Haven at Pismo is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Haven at Pismo , you may contact their Arroyo Grande offices via phone at 805-202-3440.

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Aubrie Anna

2019-03-04 20:45:05 via Google

I had an amazing experience at The Haven. I read through some of the reviews on this site and found it to be quite disheartening that there are a few negative reviews, obviously from some disgruntled, former clients, with some misguided anger. I have been to about fifteen residential treatment centers throughout my life and The Haven is by far the best that I have been to. I have never seen a team of staff members and clinicians who are completely compassionate across the board and go above and beyond the call of duty. The rules are reasonable and I was very comfortable in my stay from detox to residential to transitional living. The Haven and its staff members really had my back and and I might not be alive today if it were not for what they did for me, I will be forever grateful. I would recommend this treatment center to anyone.

Susie Frades-White

2019-04-22 22:08:36 via Google

A year ago, I was 20 days into my stay at the Haven. The 45 days I spent there, were, at the very least, life changing. I'm 48, and I had NO CLUE that I was causing myself so much mental anguish. I needed the head to toe, holistic approach to recovery. I got that there. They introduce you to every tool possible, to get clean/sober AND to try to stay that way. Not every program is for everyone, but this worked for me. As far as any neg reviews you read; you can find something about any business that you dislike/disagree with. The Haven saved my life. I'm 100% a different person now, and I own it, that I will have to work hard, forever to stay that way. Also, there are many other things I learned there that are just good tools to have. I think it is a very well rounded program. (and no I don't work there" lol

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