Barry Robinson Center offers Mental Health Treatment services in Norfolk, VA

Barry Robinson Center is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Barry Robinson Center , you may contact their Norfolk offices via phone at 757-455-6100.

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Sil3nt Whisp3r

2019-01-18 01:32:29 via Google

I was there for 6 months and in my time I've grown to be a better person and anot living a better life my only regret is not staying in touch with the staff after I left because honestly the staff and other residents made the time there worth something and I'm glad to see whatever the future holds I know this is late to be exact almost 4 years late but I still have my goodbye book which I cherish. I was in power dorm.

Erin McCarthy

2019-02-11 03:18:41 via Google

Barry Robinson saved my family from a terrible crisis. My son left my home unable to do chores, unable to cope with his emotions, irritable, depressed and explosive. I was at a loss. I didn’t know what was going to happen to us. We were isolated and hopeless. My son came home to me accustomed to a firm schedule, doing daily chores and respecting adults. I feel like they pressed a reset button. I have my son back. Mr. Otis, my son’s therapist was incredibly talented and understanding. Dr. Mateen worked with me and his outpatient doctor to dramatically improve his medicine management. The nursing staff was incredibly patient and kind and always had time for my many, many questions. I was able to call my son every night and even eat dinner with him daily. I was informed about his progress at every step. This open campus is truly open to family involvement. The BRC uses best practices in mental health field, is incredibly well run and staffed by genuine, warm professionals. We were incredibly lucky to find this standard of care so close to home. I will never forget what Barry Robinson Center did for my family.

Publio Gidoni

2017-08-11 12:28:55 via Google

My daughter was diagnosed with( rad ) which is reactive attachment disorder. She obtained the symptoms in the period where she was not living with me due to constant negative occurrences during that period of time. After multiple doctor visits and six different types of therapists. I had reached out to my insurance company which is provided to me through my wife's employment with Fairfax County VA. They were very very helpful, after reviewing her case they suggested the best Center for her treatment was the Barry Robinson Center. Now after pondering on sending my daughter away for a longer period of time than normal. I decided to take her because if she didn't get the help she needed she would never get better. My daughter has been at the center for a couple of months and I've noticed a complete turnaround now I cannot say she is fixed she was never broken. The therapist that is working with my daughter is definitely the best one for her. She has taught my daughter how to control her disorder my daughter tells me that the staff are a little strict. But without rules there would be chaos. As far as the premises it needs a little help. Overall the Barry Robinson Center deserved five stars only because they are helping my daughter it's because they are helping multiple children with an array of symptoms.


2018-03-29 18:27:46 via Google

I admitted my niece there and I must say it was one of the best decisions for not only myself but my niece as well. My niece loved the staff there and so did I. She has returned home a much happier and calmer child. The techniques they taught her has helped her tremendously. Thank you to everyone that had a part in my baby girls transformation.

Brian P.

2018-12-14 13:24:05 via Yelp

The Barry Robinson Center is a wonderful organization. The collaboration and dedication that goes into ensuring that each and every child's needs are met...

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