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Evoke at Entrada offers Mental Health Treatment services in Santa Clara, UT

Evoke at Entrada is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Evoke at Entrada , you may contact their Santa Clara offices via phone at 435-674-9310.

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karinn granger

2019-07-26 21:23:47 via Google

At this moment, the gratitude and love I feel for the Evoke program and the incredibly dedicated and compassionate staff cannot me adequately be described in a few words. My child and our family has benefited immensely from the Evoke program; all the tools and skills acquired through this program is invaluable. I don’t believe there is another program so comprehensive with tools and work designed to support the parents along side the child. Truly a life changing experience for all of us!

Rebecca Hamilton

2019-07-26 00:43:39 via Google

The staff is amazing. They really understand what my child needed to learn and do to be more successful. My child came out of there more able to listen to positive guidance and willingness to do what will help her in her life. She has had a break from her hardships and says she found she likes hiking now.

Erika De Boever

2019-10-24 11:34:13 via Google

Our son spent 17 weeks at Evoke Entrada and at every step of his Wilderness journey, his team was incredibly competent, empathetic, and caring yet firm. We are in awe of the field staff, his counselors Phil and Anthony, and his therapist, Matt, who taught him ways to manage his anger, the value of self-reflection, how to communicate respectfully, and many important life skills. They also helped us navigate our son’s return home, and provided advice on support services to help us cope with the various challenges that may come his way in the front country. The work we ourselves were asked to do to understand our family dynamics and our own role in it was challenging but integral to the success of the program. The support systems Evoke provides to enable family participation are excellent: the parent portal was easy to navigate, assignments were meaningful, the letter-writing was profoundly therapeutic. Brad Reedy’s podcasts and webinars are informative and highly recommended. The parent support events have proved to be a life-line to other families with similar experiences. We credit Evoke with helping us reconnect with our son, grow closer as a family and develop mutual respect. Even though Evoke didn’t fix our son’s dislike of hiking, we give this program top marks.

Kerry McCanna

2019-09-18 04:33:14 via Google

Our son was severely struggling and needed help. Help we couldn’t give him. It was the most difficult decision we have ever made as parents and looking back it was without a doubt the best option for him. I cannot tell you what Evoke has done for our son and especially our family. All of the staff especially his therapist Mike worked tirelessly to bring the best experience in helping struggling teenagers to overcome the obstacles in front of them. Disconnecting from the world especially in this age of social media was critical as surroundings are everything when it comes to therapy and healing. It allowed our son to reconnect on an internal level so he’s now able to learn, grow, and thrive in the real world. Family participation is so important. We worked parallel with our son. Dr. Reedy’s podcasts and webinars were so helpful in our journey. Thank you Evoke! We are forever grateful.

Tyffany Hermann

2019-01-04 05:16:02 via Google

It’s been about 3 ½ months since I picked up my son from Evoke. He was on a scary path prior to his admission there, and I was afraid for his life. I honestly don’t have words to express my gratitude to Evoke for the miracle that occurred there. The staff was amazing! Every single person involved in the process was so genuinely compassionate toward both of us - from our parenting coordinator, his therapist, the field staff to the person who handled his discharge. They all went above and beyond in helping us to feel safe and supported. It was so clear to me that they are passionate about the welfare and best interest of their clients. I spent my son’s last 24 hours in the wilderness with him and observed the interactions between the staff and therapists with the boys in his group. It was nothing short of magical as I watched, with tears in my eyes, the sincere connections each of the staff and clients had with each other. Since we’ve been home, my son has shared many fond memories of his time there, how he was inspired by his therapist and the dedicated staff members who walked alongside him on their hikes. We each came back with tools to continue our own work in the healing process and appropriately managed expectations of the road ahead. I would highly recommend Evoke to anyone considering wilderness therapy for their child.

Dawn G.

2019-03-28 16:13:19 via Yelp

Evoke is the best thing that has ever happened to our family. While our journey isn't over, slowing everything down, taking the time to let our son feel and...

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