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Center for Change offers Mental Health Treatment services in Orem, UT

Center for Change is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Center for Change , you may contact their Orem offices via phone at 888-224-8250.

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Chantel M

2019-10-14 21:26:45 via Google

This center seems like it has great intentions as all treatment centers do. I have never been admitted as a patient here, but I had a recent bad experience visiting a friend. When we went to visit, the visiting hours was miscommunicated to us. Hannah greeted us and was super nice and patient. She helped find a solution and eventually we were able to meet with our friend that was in impatient. The overall experience was really great, until one staff member named Terry sternly asked us to leave because it was lunchtime and we’re welcome to come back after lunch was over. I understand, that’s fine. The way she asked wasn't kind but I know that working in a treatment center can be stressful so I understand. It got worse because we were trying to plan if we should wait for her to finish lunch or come back later. Terry was so impatient and yes, I understand that when it's lunch time you have to be in the dining hall. But I also believe that being in a treatment center is not easy, and having support from your friends is one of the best things that can help you. It would have been nice if she could spare a few minutes for us to decide what to do. Let us talk because that is what a treatment center should allow. let you get the help you need in the best way possible. If that means letting you talk to your friends for a few minutes to figure out a good time to visit since communication is so difficult when you live in a treatment center, then I think you should allow it because that's in the best interest for the client in helping them to feel supported. Well, my friend that was also visiting showed our inpatient friend something on her cell phone just to tell her something since this was starting to become a stressful situation and we’re not sure how to react or communicate. As soon as that happens Terry started yelling at us that we shouldn't be doing that. I understand that this is a strict rule, and of course we weren't thinking about those specific rules at the time. It was just such a stressful situation that we acted in fear. She started yelling louder and louder at us and it made me feel afraid. She threatened us that we would never be allowed to visit our friend and I was getting scared. It was strange because it felt like she was trying to tell us what to do as if we were patients. But we are only visitors and it seemed like there was a weird power dynamic with this lady. She doesn't seem like someone who actually cares about the patients at this facility and I don't believe people like her should work at facilities like this. People need to be kind, patient, and understanding. I know that we may have caused an inconvenience for center for change, but treatment centers are meant to help people and encourage. Not bring them down. From my perspective she definitely over reacted. I know that maybe we were taking up too much time when the client should have been in the dining hall. But if Terry had just talked to us in a kinder way, it wouldn't have been so stressful and I think we would have come to a conclusion much faster. This only caused 5 minutes of minor inconvenience so I think the way we were treated was unjustified. CFC should reevaluate her and reconsider her position. Besides that it was an overall good experience. This treatment center does seem like it helps people and has their best interest. I think it's just hard to find good employees as its often understaffed. I wouldn't take one bad review as the whole experience. Do your research. It seems like there's still lots of good people that work here. My only advice would be to assess how the staff treat their patients as well as visitors. No one should be treated the way we were. I think something that would help is to have more training dedicated to educating staff on how to treat others and being more careful of who is employed. *Nicole talked to me and listened to what I had to say. She appreciated the feedback and said there would be changes! So they seem like they are a great facility!*

Aimee Lohner

2019-07-23 06:02:36 via Google

Eating disorders are as complicated as can be and what works for one person may not work for another. My experience at center for change was wonderful and it literally saved my life. I have been grateful every day the past 20 years for what they taught me. A lot has Changed since I was there but I have many people I care about that have benefited from their service since then. You’re not going to love everything that happens and you may not agree with every rule. But they definitely know what they are doing and I can say that they truly care. They are “experts” in eating disorders and it’s so refreshing to have therapists and nutritionists who understand the complexities of an eating disorder and can do so without judgement. They offer hope when there is no hope. They offer friendships and guidance when you feel lost and alone. If you go in with an open mind and a desire to heal, you will heal. They will be with you every step of the way.

Ashley Chipman

2019-07-16 03:48:00 via Google

I highly recommend CFC for anyone battling an eating disorder! The program is excellent and the staff are amazing. It can be hard at times but I made strong friendships and learned a lot of skills that have helped me recover. CFC is well structured, yet still has a warm and caring environment. I always recommend CFC to people I know who might need help recovering from an eating disorder.

Jennifer B.

2017-10-13 22:23:42 via Yelp

I was not successful at Center For Change at the higher levels of care and ultimately decided to go to Eating Recovery Center in Chicago, where I finally...

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