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Frontier Health The Crisis Stabilization Unit offers Mental Health Treatment services in Johnson City, TN

Frontier Health The Crisis Stabilization Unit is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Frontier Health The Crisis Stabilization Unit, you may contact their Johnson City offices via phone at 877-928-9062.

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Princess LittleBird Von-Radical

2019-06-05 18:12:42 via Google

One of these pictures was taken the day I left for inpatient treatment. The other picture was taken just now, after 5 days of respite and  retreat; in the confines of this mental health  facility. A Clinical setting that one could call home for a few days. To get some insight, resources, support, and even lifelong friendship.     Entering the doors of a mental health facility has always been something that I've tried to do, but couldn't. Without that particular guidance or knowledge of what to do and how to go about it, combined with overall poor mental health; it was impossible for me to make necessary changes in my life. As long as I can remember I've struggled with this. There are maladies and diseases of the brain,  neurons and synapses that fail and start. I am not the only one, neither the first nor last to suffer.       I didn't know that what I would learn within the walls of this building, was about the unique and ever-varied selection of human beings who are deeply broken. Never have I felt more at home anywhere in my entire life. With all the responsibilities taken away from me, I was able to thrive as my true self. The Holy Spirit worked there to change people's minds and soften people's hearts, while mine opened up.          I learned more than I could've imagined about love, about all the different ways that you can love somebody when you have Christ in your heart. What I thought was a scary and daunting task, turned out to be a surrender that was worth every moment of discomfort to get there.     I was lulled into the gentleness of being cooked for, of being cared for, of being taught new things about how to cope. Taught about how drugs and alcohol affect our life and the quality of our Mental Health. I was taken care of after a lifetime of taking care of others,  never being able to develop proper self-care. I make no excuses for the life that I've lived, and I claim full responsibility for all the mistakes that I made when I was in my pain.    It has been hard every step of the way, and I wish I could have reached out sooner.  Gratefully, we still have today; and I am thankful  for the opportunity to change my life. To alter the course of my genetics, breaking the chains that have bound so many people around me and before me.     This topic is one that is difficult to understand for people who have not dealt with crippling mental illness. It's also triggering for people who deal with mental illness,  but are able to function so well; that it never has the opportunity to surface and be healed. A person who is struggling does not need advice, pointers or opinions on the subject of mental health. The rules are not the same for those whose brains have been traumatized and wounded. Or those whose chemistry came pre destined for eventual illness.     It's also important to remember that those who suffer with mental illness are not professionals on the subject, and Neither are the people around us without degrees or experience. The words we use with hurting people are just as important as us going through treatment, staying on meds and going to therapy. The company we keep must be supportive, encouraging,  and open to receiving when mentally ill people need to talk.     The isolation of living a life that differs so vastly from a healthy one, can cause mentally ill individuals to feel embarrassed, afraid, and withdrawn into themselves. We feel like a burden to those around us who are going through so much on their own already. It is important to reach out to your friends and loved ones, even if it's a surprise visit or a text saying that we are valued. Hearing I love you does more good than giving advice.       I am grateful to those who made my experience in CSU, a warm and accommodating time. I HIGHLY reccomend that anyone struggling with mental illness and/or substance abuse; should absolutely take the time to take refuge within these walls.

Kerri Berthiaume

2017-12-04 23:25:41 via Google

Only problem i had was they didn't allow my family to bring me my Dr. Pepper cause it wasn't available there. But they were nice about it. This place made me feel so at home. Normal. When I tried to end it all i was sent here. I got in very late but I had a bed ready. The food was like home cooking. Kinda boring at first but everyone that was in there like I was were so nice. This was a great experience to give me hope.

Kelsi Cornett

2018-06-17 15:00:40 via Google

My stay here was very very helpful! My only complaint was it was the winter and the heater in my room was broken so there was really no way to get warm because they were afraid to put a space heater in our room for odvious reasons. The staff was fantastic and helpful, the people I was there with we're very encouraging. Group therapy was so helpful. If you feel like you need treatment, I highly recommend the CSU!!

Rhonda Howard

2018-01-23 01:54:06 via Google

After my hysterectomy I lost it for a few days. They got me back on track and were very kind. While there i had to have a emergency surgery from complications due to the previous sugery. Was not at all what I expected. Entire staff was wonderful.

terena Tee

2017-04-24 14:27:17 via Google

I wish I had known about this place a long time ago. They have been a big help to me. They understand me and didnt judge me for being mentally ill. I will definitely go back if I get overwhelmed with life again.

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