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A Haven for Kids Inc DBA Positive Leaps offers Mental Health Treatment services in West Chester, OH

A Haven for Kids Inc DBA Positive Leaps is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at A Haven for Kids Inc DBA Positive Leaps, you may contact their West Chester offices via phone at 513-777-2428.

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Lynn Clark

2019-11-01 21:00:10 via Google

We have had an excellent experience at Positive Leaps. Our 6 year old graduated today after 12 weeks in the program. I’d like to share our experience in the hopes of helping others who are looking for help for their children. We found the owner/director to be passionate about the program . The admin staff was cheerful and helpful. The class leaders have extensive training and the patience of saints. Our therapist was a great fit for our child and our family. Even though we were desperate for help for our child who had experienced physical and emotional trauma, suffered from extreme anxiety, explosive behavior and hyperactivity, enrolling him in this program was not an easy decision. We had tried many other avenues with little impact. This program is strict, time intensive, meant he would miss starting 1st grade as scheduled, and required a 2 hour a day drive to get him there and home. We had to wait a month for an opening. We were worried about him being surrounded by other troubled children. This is not child care or school - it is a 40 hour a week behavior therapy out-patient facility. It also requires weekly family counseling. It requires commitment. Our child enjoyed his time at Positive Leaps and is proud to have mastered new social and coping skills. He made friends with other children and close connections with staff members. We learned new parenting skills and had time to adjust medication and expectations in an accepting environment. We followed the program as strictly at home as they did at school, which is key to being successful. Today he is happy, can cope with frustration, can accept direction, and is fun to be around. With the help of Positive Leaps he is transitioning successfully back into first grade. I would recommend this program to all parents who are struggling with difficult behavioral issues with their children.

Stephanie Stevens

2019-03-29 19:09:05 via Google

The day treatment center has helped my daughter grow and become more adept in coping with her emotions. I could not be more pleased with the services provided. The staff here really cares about the kids and their success. My daughters improvements have been incredible and I would highly recommend.

Sierra Osborne

2019-01-25 22:06:49 via Google

Chasity Smith, your review is completely outrageous. My son attended the same program for about 18 weeks. Yeah the packing food is a pain sometimes but even if i did ever forget something (maybe once) i was not charged. Every teacher, therapist, counselor there were ALWAYS extremely helpful. They all knew my child personally and had tons to say about how his day was EVERY DAY. Sorry if your therapist was so awful, but I honestly doubt it. Mine was always so helpful, she even went out in public with us to observe my childs behavior in order to help us. The children there do misbehave sometimes but thats what the program is for and maybe you didnt pay attention to the model, they are removed at a certain point and put in the "safe room" and monitored very closely by multiple teachers until they calm down. They remove them from the class so they dont distract the class or cause "constant chaos". You and the therapist decide every step of your childs care and lessons there so they can make sure you are on board with everything and they keep constant communication with you in family therapy sessions once a week or more if needed. The model didnt work at home on my child BUT that was for a number of reasons, definitely not from anything the staff was doing! They meet with you for any question you have and help you understand every step of the way. All in all, Positive Leaps is a FANTASTIC place to go of you need help for your child!!!!

Raymesia Hammond

2018-09-21 13:42:23 via Google

I am deeply disturbed by the review another person has left on this business. I realize different people have different experiences however some of the things she has said are simply NOT TRUE!! My son has been apart of this program for 2 YEARS, which is an extremely long time and much longer than anticipated, but being honest with myself it is because I was not following the model at home like I should. It is true you supply all food for the child according to the STATE REGULATED requirements and it really isn't that hard to accomplish. All day cares follow these same guidelines and you pay an outrageous amount weekly for your child to attend so tell me whats the difference. It is true your child may pick up on things that he/she wasn't doing before but that's where the model comes into play because they have ZERO tolerance for that behavior at school so you need to have the same at home. However being honest with yourself is key and understanding that "you" as the parent are allowing the continued behavioral issues. 'we" as parents need to take responsibility! That is exactly what that 110% is about. The staff and therapist are all amazing!! Extremely patient, understanding, and open to help with any questions or concerns. They are very open about the program, whats expected of you, and how to be successful from DAY 1. If anyone tells you different they are a LIAR or just wasn't paying close attention!! I despise when people try to soil someones name with stretched truths just because things didn't go their way or they couldn't meet the standards. This program has completely turned my son around and now he is graduating TODAY!!! Not 1 time in the whole time my son has been there have I been left in the dark or unsure of his day or progress. They keep detailed record of his behavior daily so I know if at any time I want to know all I have to do is ask. I have recommended this program several times to parent that I see clearly having a hard time with their child. Yes there are some hoops to jump through to get to the finish line for the whole family but I feel it is worth it because if its not controlled NOW by us, there will be no controlling them later in life and that's recipe for disaster. Thank you to ALL the Positive Leaps Staff for all you have done to better my son. I look forward to our continued relationship.

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