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Foundations for Living offers Mental Health Treatment services in Mansfield, OH

Foundations for Living is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Foundations for Living , you may contact their Mansfield offices via phone at 419-589-5511.

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Toni Lovely

2019-09-19 19:05:18 via Google

Most accurate review you’ll find: Foundations all depends on you. Yes, it is a very traumatizing place. You will leave with many more triggers and much more PTSD than you had upon admission. The kids fight alot, they assault the staff, they jump people, they destroy property, and they often get sent to either jail or the hospital before returning again. Not all the staff are the best and right now a lot of them are quitting. Due to this, the staff still working or the new ones coming in are working way to many hours with not enough extra pay, which leads even more staff to quit. I genuinely feel as though this place is going to fall apart and close, or get way worse than it already was and continue functioning with minimal everything. The only reason I would ever send a child here is to hope they’d meet a kid like me who was a “jr staff” and much better than most the real staff. In my stay of 10 months I broke up dozens of fights, stopped suicide attempts, initiated restraints, and gave out write-ups. Many residents requested to talk to me instead of the real staff because I made it clear I cared and I could do more for them. The rules set in Foundations allow staff to watch kids self-harm and tell them they can’t do anything about it except try to take the tool away. This place offers many life lessons, but does not seem to serve any real treatment. It’s much more focused on explaining to you your problems and why you have them than on giving you actual tools to solve them and cope with them. Many kids that have discharged went back to old ways or are trying not to but struggling because they never really learned the things they needed to do better. Send your kid here at their own risk. Many residents start self-harming or trying to run away due to the insanity inside these walls. The website is very unupdated and this place on the inside is very ugly and dirty. Good luck...

Audra Gross

2018-08-12 21:40:57 via Google

This place was a great opportunity to work at. Candice is awesome, the staff was so helpful to me. Unfortunately I had quit due to my own mental health issues. Other than that, the kids listened to me so well, and it was honestly a life changing opportunity. Thank you all.

Serenity Overstreet

2019-03-25 18:06:20 via Google

i was a resident on 1 east at foundations for 11 months and i was close to the staff expecially deb,makeever,bevard,molly,meghan holcomb, they were the best support i had i thought of them as part of my family they treated me well and they do there job very very good ever since i left foundations my life has got weird the only good thing that has happend to is that i stoped self harming adn excepting the things i couldnt control thanks to them i learned alot they always told me self harm was not the answer and there right i realized that now and the things i cant control i need to let go im slowly getting there and to get over my ex again im getting there im getting there day by day hangin in there controling my emotions and my anger but my life is i geuss you can say it is full of suprises and i also realized i need to think before i do things or it will effect me in a bad way in the future.i wanna say thank you to deb,bevard,makeever,malicoat,ison,benet,mitch,jesse,meghan,molly,presley,perry seinor,perry jr,india,mauer,bowman,mama parker,melton,tabitha,bailey. these staff are the best i honestly dont know what i would do if i hadnt been to foundations or if i havent met them and learn from my mistakes foundations is a great place to be:)

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