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Carolina House offers Mental Health Treatment services in Durham, NC

Carolina House is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Carolina House , you may contact their Durham offices via phone at 919-864-1004.

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Elizabeth Friedman

2019-07-25 04:28:53 via Google

I’m so grateful for the Carolina House! As a member of the eating disorder community, and someone who has seen several loved receive treatment from the Carolina House, it’s reassuring to know that they stays up to date on effective treatment methods while offering a safe, comforting environment for recovery.

Lewis Finch

2019-04-15 02:40:26 via Google

As a fellow treatment provider, I (Welwynn Outpatient Center) need to know all of the options in the behavioral health field, including those of eating disorders. Carolina House is a top of the line facility both aesthetically and clinically ...from a local, regional and national perspective. I would have no problem referring a family member, friend or anyone in need to this incredibly capable staff! If you need their help, they will deliver!

Sarah Bailes

2019-03-11 20:41:29 via Google

Carolina House is more like a Carolina HOME. I was in residential treatment here in 2016, and I can honestly say that this place saved my life. I’m almost three years out of treatment and I’ve been in such solid recovery since then because of the support and knowledge and coping skills I received while I was there. Each staff member is incredible and so well equipped. I cannot sing enough praises for this place of healing!!!! Forever the most special place in my heart because of the LIFE I have now thanks to it!


2019-04-21 22:04:22 via Google

if i could go 3.5 stars, i probably would. this place is great in a lot of ways. PROS: my therapist was great, i was super close to one of the nurses, i love the homestead setting, it's cozy and they have just the right amount of therapy and chill time. the girls there are guaranteed to be great, i made some lifelong friends here. i made a full recovery here, partially because of how committed i was to the process. the group therapies are great, they can deal with every diagnosis, the kitchen staff is wonderful and accommodating, they always have good food. CONS: it is pretty disorganized. though you will probably have a good experience, there are little things they could do to improve this place so much, like just communicating effectively, and it's very frustrating. sometimes it seems like everyone is just on a different page, they're always understaffed or trying to fill in these bits because they don't plan effectively. you'll probably have to fill out a grievance form while you're here just because something is bound to happen with all of the misinterpretation by the staff. OVERALL: if you want to recover, you will do well here. i believe the therapeutic and healing aspect of this place is great, everyone seemed to make progress, and they have some things, like the treehouse or hermecita, the outdoor cat, that add the perfect touches that made my stay here unforgettable. however, day-to-day life can be disorganized and chaotic--a bit of communication and a stronger rpa staff could go a long way. little things would happen that would add unnecessary stress to the process, and without those this place would be the best environment for renewal and recovery.

Juls Catten

2019-01-15 19:45:50 via Google

It’s now my one year anniversary of going to Carolina House, my life-changing experience. If I regret one thing, it was not staying in North Carolina (I’m from Jersey) for Partial and Intensive Outpatient because this program is superior to any offerings in my area that take insurance. The staff is phenomenal - I joked with some that I wished I could puack them into my suitcase alongside their resident outdoor cat, Hermecita. I felt supported and listened to. They’re equipped to handle Binge Eating Disorder, my diagnosis, even though it receives less media attention than anorexia/bulimia. I also believe part of its superiority as a program lies in its inclusion only of adults who want to be there. Since it’s a voluntary-only program, the people there generally take it seriously or get out (yes, I’m sure there are outliers, but fighting treatment is not ingrained into the culture as in places with a group of thirteen through seventeens forced by their parents). The best part - they take some private insurance. That’s even harder to find. I strongly recommend this facility for residential treatment of any eating disorder.

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