Assoc for MI Chn of Westchester Inc Clear View School Day Treatment Center offers Mental Health Treatment services in Briarcliff Manor, NY

Assoc for MI Chn of Westchester Inc Clear View School Day Treatment Center is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Assoc for MI Chn of Westchester Inc Clear View School Day Treatment Center, you may contact their Briarcliff Manor offices via phone at 914-941-9513.

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Henry Montalto

2017-12-12 15:00:43 via Google

The Clearview school has been caring for children with mental illness and who are emotionally disturbed for many years. The fact that they are still around tells you that they are doing something right. No school is perfect and every school has their own issues but the Clearview school really focuses on the children. The staff is extremely caring and passionate. The school is a little dated but it's got great history. They do many special events for the children, it really is like a second home for your child.

Cloudy View

2018-06-06 22:57:32 via Google

Clear View is a fantastic school. Allow me to convince you. 1) Clear View has a strict policy- NO LOCKING THE DOOR. Here at Clear View, we firmly believe that locking doors is forbidden. That is why we do not lock any of the doors in our building. We believe that everyone is welcome. In addition, this rule even applies to bathrooms. That's right! Your child cannot lock the door to the bathroom or we will threaten to open the door ourselves. Do not worry, these are not empty threats. If your child does not open the door, we will unlock it ourselves using our car keys. This policy is in place to make everyone feel welcomed and accepted. Locked doors are SO closed off, unlike the hearts of our staff! 2) Clear View does not believe in hiring substitutes. Why hire substitutes when you can just use your art, science, and gym teachers to do the subbing for you? In this school, we believe in using our money to benefit the students. That's why we save our money and use our teachers instead. Even though they have classes of their own to teach and students that are counting on them, nothing puts a smile on our faces more than spending our money on things that actually matter (such as birthday parties, extravagant anniversary celebrations, and of course- 30 new Chromebooks that no one knows the login information to!). 3) Clear View uses new, innovative, and therapeutic techniques to ensure the growth and success of your child. Here at our school, we recognize that all children deserve the opportunity to grow, learn, and succeed in school. However, each child's needs are as complex and unique as they are. That is why at Clear View, each child has their own treatment team and treatment plan. The plans are designed specifically with your child in mind (and our mood depending on the day, of course). The beauty of this is that despite the fact that two children can be having the same dilemma, we will treat each child differently. While one child may receive a small warning for walking off, another might receive some yelling (I mean voice raising) and a phone call home. It really is a specialized system! 4) Consistency is key. At Clear View, we are consistent in a different way than most schools. You see, our rules change from day to day. We are very consistent with making sure this occurs. This is to give our children a fresh outlook on life. Some days, your child may be allowed to roam freely in the hallways during down time. Other days, your child will not be allowed to leave the classroom. Some days, your child will be forced to attend a class. Other days, your child's class will be cancelled without any reasoning as to why. Some days, your child may be allowed to use a Chromebook. Other times, your child will not even be allowed to look at one. Some days, your child will spend most of their day outside. The next day, they will not even be allowed to step foot out there. This technique keeps things new and exciting. 5) We enjoy keeping our parents involved. Feeling out of the loop with your current school district? We can assure you that at Clear View, that will never happen here. Family is a very important aspect to Clear View. We believe in completely and entirely integrating you and your family into our school. Not only do we force you and your child to attend a family session with our highly qualified therapists every week, but we also enjoy calling you over each and every hard time (or potential hard time, we like to be prepared!) that your child might be having during the day. That's right, you will know everything your child did at school BEFORE they even get home! Still feel that this is not enough involvement? It gets even better! Sometimes, we have you, the parents, attend school WITH your children! You will get to experience everything that they do, all while they're experiencing it! Never again will you have to say "I wish I was there!" because you WILL be there, watching it all from a seat in the back of the classroom. I have reached the maximum review capacity on here. Check Facebook for the full review!


2017-12-14 02:27:26 via Google

I used to go here and it was awesome they always had some cool activity I kinda miss it tho

Virginia Benedict

2017-12-02 13:46:02 via Google

I do not know much about this institution. I drove by this building many times throughout the years wondering what it was about. I visited for the first time because I was invited to a superb Christmas celebration by The Old Mill Singers. The structure had been commissioned by Frank and Narcissa Vanderlip in 1913. I have not been able to confirm if in fact it has been given Historic status. The Clear View Day Treatment Center treats children deemed mentally ill. I personally am of the well known school of thought that it is dangerous and unwarranted to to drug children.

DJ Niall Fay

2018-02-28 23:26:37 via Google

This is the best school that I have ever been to I'm going to he sad when I leave in June but those teacher are the best that u can ever get in a school that has no grades and it has IEP and the regints testing if u r doing it in the clearview school at 480 Albany post rd Briarcliff manor new york 10510 i love this school I have been there scene i was 6 or 7 year old now im going to be graduation in June from this best schoolit's a very good school I will miss it very much so I'm going to go there and spend all of my last year here at Clearview school it is one of the best teacher and every one is very nice there please take ur children to this school if u want then to he in a good environment for u kids this is the place to go for ur children if they need it please cost them my favorite teacher are Mrs barbarous and Mrs Jones and and Mr Miller and Mrs Q and the new teacher in my class is Mrs Collins and those are the best teacher in Clearview school in classroom 2 please call them and find out if u chrilden can go there

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