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Gate of Recovery Inc DBA Vantage Point Recovery offers Mental Health Treatment services in Thousand Oaks, CA

Gate of Recovery Inc DBA Vantage Point Recovery is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Gate of Recovery Inc DBA Vantage Point Recovery, you may contact their Thousand Oaks offices via phone at 805-777-7595.

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Robert Sproule

2019-01-23 18:52:35 via Google

Vantage point has been such a big help to our family. We can't express what a wonderful group of people that work here. They truly care about the people that come into there program. When all seems lost they have given those hope that didn't know where to look. Wonderful facility.

Teresa Vaughn

2018-01-24 20:19:18 via Google

I've never met such an empathetic and nurturing group of individuals as I have meetting the staff here at Vantage Point Recovery. Heather and her staff work wonders with their clients and are top notch in the field of mental health and substance abuse treatment. I would highly recommend this out patient program to my family and friends if the situation arises. I'm honored to work amongst such highly regarded individuals such as these.

M A.

2018-01-26 03:29:09 via Google

I was diagnosed with PTSD and upon recommendation from my Doctor, found my way over to this wonderful place. The clinical staff, both their kindness and their knowledge, was extremely impressive. The facility itself was really clean, really calming, a very tranquil place overall. I spent about 4 months in their day program and would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks to the entire team at Vantage Point.

Becker James

2017-05-13 00:38:48 via Google

I am so grateful to Vantage Point and what it has done for my son. He was on the streets at one point suffering from a severe mental health disorder that only got worse with his drug use. Luckily we had good insurance and they were able to cover a large portion of our costs for his care. Once he got the right medications, he was able to get more stable and do the work he needed to live a better life. The staff was amazing. He spent three months with them and I could not be more grateful for how far he has come. We still have our up and downs but it is obvious that the work they did with him saved his life.

Darion L.

2020-05-07 12:52:29 via Yelp

My friend struggled with a major mental health disorder most of his life. After researching many facilities and price ranges, we chose Vantage Point based...

Molly G.

2020-07-18 17:23:06 via Yelp

My experience at Vantage Point Recovery was life- changing. Every single member of their staff, from the receptionist to the facilitators to to the...

Deanna O.

2020-05-13 15:25:07 via Yelp

As a professional, I have had many positive interactions with the Vantage Point staff and treatment team. They are competent, ethical and a long-standing...

1 Review for Gate of Recovery Inc DBA Vantage Point Recovery


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This will be a lengthy review, but I highly encourage you to read it in full if you are considering going to Vantage Point, or putting a loved one in at Vantage Point. The short and consolidated advice to you is to simply avoid this program at all costs. It is a money-hungry, unethical, unorganized, and fraudulent facility who preys on the vulnerable, the ill, and those who are in a position of desperation. I have gone forward and filed complaints against this facility in hopes of having it no longer operate, or at the very least, to bring attention to the corruption that resides in this facility.

I have never in my 10+ years of therapy encountered a mental health professional (nor facility) that would display such abhorrent and inappropriate behavior in a vulnerable setting. It is my personal opinion that this facility should not be allowed to operate with it’s current staff and advisors.

From the beginning there were many red flags, which I overlooked because I was desperate for some therapeutic relief in a safe environment. The intake process is robotic, essentially you are treated as an inmate (which is ironic given that this is a voluntary program). Questions are read off to you regarding your personal medical, sexual, substance abuse, family mental health history, etc. as though they are reading nonchalantly from a script. It is done with zero empathy, compassion, or tact.

If you do the 3 day program, you are only allocated 1 hour a week with your therapist. If you do the 5, you are allocated 2 sessions (two hours). Additionally, you are more than likely going to miss groups due to the therapist’s scheduling conflicts (most of them don’t work every day at the center and thus can not schedule all appointments outside of group, I was disappointed that the only time my therapist was available was during one of the groups that I was most looking forward to. IMO they are incredibly understaffed.)

After two weeks of participating in the program (IOP / 3x a week), I had encountered numerous occurrences that highlighted how poorly operational the facility was. On various occasions there was a severe lack of communication between the staff and the clients. In two weeks, two of the counselors for the groups were out on vacation or sick (these things happen, no big deal), but the facility failed to bring in substitute counselors, and even on one day, we ended the day an hour early because the counselor who led group was not there. Another time, they just popped a movie in.

I witnessed new-comers arriving, doe-eyed, terrified, and totally clueless as to what to expect. One individual had not met with the case manager and she had been there for three weeks. She was frustrated and articulated this at various points in the groups throughout the week. The case manager left for vacation this week (none of us knew this was happening), and no one was back-filling her, we had no one onsite specifically to manage our cases or answer questions specific to it.

Additionally, I went and spoke with an individual last week and informed them that I felt as though I was feeling worse, not better, and I was advised that this was “typical and normal” and to try to “hang in there.” One week later, that same individual told me that this was a “concern” and they no longer felt they could provide me with care.

I was ultimately asked to leave Vantage Point because I brought a list of my concerns to the Director to review and discuss. Vantage Point clearly disliked that I made notes regarding these issues, and brought attention to the cracks and flaws in their program. I realize now that they felt threatened that I had the incentive and willingness to hold them accountable in not providing a consistent, resourceful, and communicative environment for their clients. It was easier for them to remove me, who was cognizant of the disorganization, rather than have accountability in rectifying the issues. The management did not know how long I had been in the program and I was told it was just “semantics” when I informed him that the length he stated was incorrect. It was evident that neither of the individuals advising me to leave had taken the time to review my file.The level of unprofessionalism, as well as the lack of moral & ethical awareness of the possible ramifications of “advising” a client to not return to the program is horrifying on so many levels; (verbatim: “in our professional opinion, you are not a fit for this program.” To which I countered, “what if I respectfully disagreed with that and wanted to stay?” Essentially I was “recommended” to leave; in other words, they wanted me to leave, and to just keep my mouth shut and move along.)

Also, keep in mind they did this three days before Christmas, a difficult time of year for many people making their thoughtless decision additionally more dangerous and irresponsible.

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