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Adolescent Growth offers Mental Health Treatment services in Los Angeles, CA

Adolescent Growth is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Adolescent Growth , you may contact their Los Angeles offices via phone at 888-948-9998.

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Mrs. J Tolbert

2019-05-14 19:25:25 via Google

This is an excellent, clean and miraculous treatment agency, in the manner that they care for the children. Adolescent Growth facility has been a life changer in my daughter’s life. I was hopeless and she was suicidal before the facility stepped in and gave my daughter direction and showed her a purpose for living. They are a God-centered facility that practices what they teach. Each staff and administration care for the children’s outcome. My husband and I were no longer alone, but we had a team of experts that were working to help get my daughter back on track. My daughter spent 50 days there. It was hard for me at first to let her go, but the changes and outcome were definitely worth the sacrifice. I had to give tough love and trust the process. IT WORKS! If you are considering this facility, I suggest you take my advice and trust the process. God Bless you and yours.

Cori W.

2017-08-30 18:40:26 via Google

I really apreciated this program. My son suffers from addiction and major depressive disorder. The staff in Commerce was awesome. His therapist Raceal was amazing. Wonderful woman with a heart of gold and really wants to help the kids. His behavior and mood have improved and he is such a joy to have back home. My only irritation is that my insurance decided he didn't need to be there anymore after only 35 days. I talked to a guy name Jonathan who handles insurance issues and he told me he was going to file for an appeal. Unfortunately after my son was discharged he will no longer help me with this issue, and wont respond to my emails. Jill from accounting was very rude and told me that since I couldnt pay them $3000 right then and there I needed to come get my son. I had to drive 1.5 hours in the middle of the night to pick him up. They definitely did not have the best interest of the patient at heart. I'm also waiting for psychiatrist to call me for my pharmacy info so they can call in refills for my sons medication. Aside from the "business pratices" which was awful! The program was very helpful for my son. He and I both wish he was able to to finish it, but we will continue working with the tools we did receive. Thank you Raceal, Kara, David, and Abraham.

Jim B-L

2016-05-03 21:39:47 via Google

My family and I had a wonderful experience with adolescent Growth. My son was on a terrible and dangerous path that as a parent I was unable to detour. I happen to live in an area where there is very little mental health or psychiatric services available. I was referred to Adolescent Growth as it was in my insurance network. I was put in touch with Dr. Joi Lewis and with about 24 to 48 hours my insurance had agreed to his treatment and I had my son on a plane the next day. I had no idea of what was needed from me and Dr. Joi and her staff held my hand every step of the way. This was such a learning growing experience for my son, my self and our entire family. It was very difficult as he was so far away and understanding how and why they do the things they do within their very structured environment was at some times difficult for me but in the end I completely understood how and why… I put my faith and trust in Dr. Joi and her wonderful staff and the son they returned to me was they boy that I haven’t seen for many years. My son was a great success. He tiered up the the 5th tier and graduated a couple of days early. It was what saved his life and healed my family and I owe them more than I will ever be able to repay. I recommend this facility to any parent that has a behavioral and substance abuse issue. AGAIN, THANK YOU DR. JOI, JUSTIN AND THE REST OF YOUR AMAZING STAFF! WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

John F.

2019-06-12 23:14:46 via Google

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