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Casa Pacifica offers Mental Health Treatment services in Camarillo, CA

Casa Pacifica is categorized as a Mental Health treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Casa Pacifica , you may contact their Camarillo offices via phone at 805-445-7800.

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Andrew Lozano

2019-10-02 14:28:04 via Google

Went To Casa When I Was 16 Years Old For One Month Then Got Place In Utah In A Lock Down Place After All That 8 Months Pass By And Got To Go Back To Ventura County If Anyone Would Accepted Me Casa Did By Then I Was 17 Now And When I Got There I Got To See My Sister After 2 Years After We Got Taken Way From My Family I Never Cry As Much As I Did That Time When Someone Hug Me The Sad Part She Was Going Back To Juvenile Hall Cause Of Probation I Do Not Remember Cause I Was On Heavy Meds That At Time .. Stay There For Like 4 Months Got Kick Out Cause I Smashed 6 Windows And I Was Fighting The Staff Then Went To Juvenile Hall .... Got Out At Age 18 Cause No Group Home Wanted To Take Me Cause The Way I Acted Now That I Was 18 I Got Put In A House For The Age Of +18 To 21... Started School Again Over There That The NPS And I Stay There Till I Was 19 Years Old I Got Close To Getting Done Just 5 Credits Way From My High School Diploma I Got Put In Jail I Was That Todd Road For 3 Months When I Was There The School Would Visit Me And They Gave Me School Work And I Graduated... Point Is That Casa Is A Home When U Need One Big Helps To All The Staff There At The School Cause I Was One Crazy Person To Handle I Love Everything About Casa And I Miss The School So Much... Something I Always Remember Is A Teacher Tilling Me To Never Get A Tattoo At U Can Never Cover Up Cause I Might Not Get A Job I Should Have Did What He Told Me But My Self Was Hard Head... One Last Thing The Kitchen Staff They Have One Of The Best Saff Like They Always Hook U Up On The Best Food And When U Want More They Give You More Man Something I Never Had Growing Up When I Was A Kid As In Food Just Great How They Have Wondering Kitchen Staff Name Jeff, Kevin,My Friend That What I Would Call Him In Spanish Cause I Could Not Say His Name... I Am Using My Friends Phone This Is Me Junior Martinez Thanks Casa U Guys Give Me Hope On Life And With Out U Guys I Would Be Lock Up Or Dead Big Thanks Again One Last Thing My Best Friend Name CT Goes To That School He Is One Cool Kid ... If Anyone Read Is Just Remember U Guys Have Hope Never Go Without A Fight And Please Be Your Own Leader Not A Follower Hope Anyone Reads Is From The School And Remember Me Please Till All The Kids Be Safe And Stay Grinding To A Better Day Much Love .... ❤️

Alexander Sisco

2019-07-23 16:29:28 via Google

The first time I came here I was 14. I came out as ftm transgender earlier that year and my first time there I was in the girls house McDonalds which wasn't a good experience. I left and returned July 11th 2017. I went to the boys cottage, Caldwell house. Mind you, I had loads of behavioural problems. I would AWOL, try to run into traffic, hurt myself, ect. The staff were always so loving and caring and patient with me. I felt cared for there more then any other placement I had ever been in. I'm 18 now and living my best life in NYC, but its thanks to all the things this place taught me. Thanks to Amanda, Jason, Dan and Tyler in rec therapy. Mama Susie, Jasmine, Sean, Tom, julisa, Emma, and Kaylee in Caldwell house. Danny, Lauren, Hannah, Fred, and Peter on the B.S. team. Those are just some people that truly truly made a difference in my life. You're child will have moments where the hate the staff and this place but that's part of recovery. This place will help your child in the long run, I can promise you that. Also, Vicki, Morgan and Lisa in Fun Development and Tom and Jill in the school! So many people helped me so much.

Michael McQuaid

2019-05-30 17:06:55 via Google

Wow, what a difference this place can make in a kids life. I never thought things would improve.

mackenzie sells

2019-05-29 16:27:56 via Google

honestly when i lived there is was fine except when they were in restraints they are awsome

Kristin Gonzaga

2019-09-16 17:41:07 via Google

DBT based. Wish there was a sibling group.

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