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Calm Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Tulsa, OK

Calm Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Calm Center , you may contact their Tulsa offices via phone at 918-394-2256.

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John Fraser 800-775-0619 ext 1

2019-03-13 05:15:00 via Google

My son was speaking about committing suicide. This was our first "stop gap" location to give us the family a "break" from one another. The counselors I think tried to do a good job, however they could be better. My son didn't want to be on lockdown 24/7 and didn't want to be here.... so overall it served it's purpose and $30,000 per month later (paid for by insurance) we had to escalate our son to a more intensive facility.


2018-12-02 04:31:10 via Google

I went over the summer and it completely changed me. I was struggling with depression and anxiety. At first, it was really really tough. but the staff was so loving and welcoming and the best I could have ever asked for. I needed help and I got it over 7 days. I loved all the staff but Miss Tabitha really helped me out alot. She become like a mother figure to me and I miss her alot and hope she’s doing well. If you are struggling, please go here. Your mental health is SO important. They teach you good coping skills and Spencer (the therapist) is one of the best.

Abigayle Williams

2018-12-21 00:47:21 via Google

1 Star for Mr Jimmy, Cody and both of the nurses, 1 star for locking me up long enough for me not to kill myself and 1 star for the friends I made there who I never will see again... The people I met were the ones who held me up, the place itself until construction is done is completely claustrophobic and small, not at all what you would consider cozy, sitting in a chair for 12 hours a day isn't my idea if fun at all, I wish the staff the best and appreciate them but honestly the place was hell, they take care of the kids and some staff genuinely care, but some don't. When I was there they had an xbox, some books, and some board games, they also had chairs, that was pretty much all that was in the living space, there were cameras everywhere except the bathrooms which to me is really creepy, especially cause they check on you throughout the night anyways, here is a breakdown of my feelings on my suicidal thoughts, 10 being the worst and 1 being not at all. Before: 6. During: 10. After: 1.5. Now: 0. The thing that keeps me from being depressed now is not wanting to go back, I had nightmares for weeks and tore my room apart when I got home looking for cameras, it was hell.

Marie Heroff

2018-10-01 06:38:06 via Google

Spencer is an amazing therapist. They provide a safe place for teens who are having issues.

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